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Developed by Dr. Hahnemann in 1782, Homeopathy is the parent of immunology, nutrition, antisepsis, genetics, haematology, etc.

It is still the most advanced and powerful healing protocol in the world at present.

We have to fight for our existence because our statistics are unchallengeable, and our remedies the most thoroughly researched and validated in the history of medicine.

Samuel Hahnemann called Homeopathy "The Gift of a Gracious God."

I agree, but remember - God does the miracles! Homeopathy initiates a process of cure.

Yes, we need to update our language; eg "miasms" signifies genetic pathology, etc.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Homeopathy Works

Welcome to Homeopathy Works.

And Homeopathy does work!

On intractable cases, on patients considered "incurable," or where definitive diagnoses are hard to come by.

We work on a system that is markedly distinct from orthodox or "Old School" medicine.  We don't need to know the name of the virus or microorganism devouring our patient.  We just need to know all the symptoms of our suffering patient and to have the ability to identify those symptoms  with the substance that engenders such symptoms in a healthy person.

This requires years of study and practice.  For younger students of Homeopathy schools and colleges have sprung up all over the world in recent decades.  For my generation, we had to research and forage for knowledge and information as the suppression of our schools, hospitals, case studies, etc., was fierce.

However, we still had links to the living legends, who had worked in the Homeopathic Hospitals and University faculties when they were allowed to flourish.

An Irish GP said that they can see five patients in the time that it takes a Homeopath to see one.  That may be true,  but he will still be treating his five patients for the same illness, now worse, while ours is dancing a merry jig.

However, while we do take careful symptom "pictures"  as a rule, an experienced Homeopathist can often "diagnose" a patient as soon as he/she walks into the office.

Our "diagnosis" is different.  We look for the right remedy for the patient, ie, the "similar" or symptom match.  "Old School" must find a name for the illness, and then match it to the product recommended by the pharmaceutical industry for such an illness.

This wastes valuable time, during which the patient's condition can decline.   We have no objection to laboratory investigation.  In fact we welcome it, as long as it does not delay treatment.  We welcome it, because homeopathists such as yours truly are fed up of "Old School" medicine changing their diagnoses when the "incurable" patient is cured.

It also helps when a patient comes to us in a condition, such as advanced cancer, where all orthodox means have been exhausted, and the best we can do is significantly improve the patient's quality of life.

With regard to diagnoses, the remedies themselves provide a system of diagnosis.  In an acute situation, where a well chosen remedies fails to provide the anticipated rapid recovery, it signals us that there is underlying trauma, or serious obstruction.

First, however, we must make sure that the patient hasn't ducked out for a smoke, espresso, strong mint or other form of antidote.

Another reason Homeopathy works so well, is that phenomenal insight into the patient's condition is intrinsic to the Homeopathists study and work experience.  Sometimes a patient fits a symptom picture so well we can almost describe the patient's symptoms back to him/her.  Beyond that, understanding the patient's suffering so intimately gives us tolerance and respect for the patient.

It's nice when that's a mutual sentiment!

To your good health...